Marine and Inland Waters

The Marine and Inland Waters (MIW) SBU is performing its activities with a group of 20 researchers (10 PhD) and 4 technicians. As of January 2014, the MIW SBU has been running 15 projects having an overall budget of 21 million TL. These projects are being funded by Ministry of Development, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Ministry of Forestry and Water, Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communications, TUBITAK-KAMAG and TUBITAK-MRC, Electricity Generation Company (EUAS), the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline Company (BTC Co.), the Greater Municipality of Kocaeli and the European Commission. The expertise of the researchers are related to coastal, marine and lake ecosystem studies, applied oceanography and modelling, management of coastal and marine environment, GIS, geomatics and remote sensing. The main purpose of this multidisciplinary formation is to develop or provide necessary scientific and technical tools to support emerging policy needs. While doing so, the MIW SBU cooperates with other competent research organizations and experts. Some of the senior researchers of MIW SBU are also representing the marine science community at different national and international platforms at institutional and national levels.

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