Hazardous Waste Management

The description and categorization of waste: Regarding threshold values in Waste Management General Principles Annex-3B published at 2008, TÜBİTAK MRC ECPI, unique institution authorized by The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization , is capable of performing Annex-3 analyses and reporting them. By this project, all kinds of domestic and industrial waste have been investigated whether they show hazardous effects or not since discovering waste buried in soil in Tuzla district of Istanbul at 2007. Waste, produced by companies in our country, has been categorized. Its properties have been determined and its disposal methods have been decided. In addition, analyses of suspicious waste, coming from various accidents and/or juridical cases, have been performed. 

Environmental Risk Analysis: In our country, especially monitoring environmental pollution of industrialized regions, studying risk assessment, determining environmental risks for people living in these regions, and finally taking precautions against those risks are critically serious requirement.

Environmental Risk Analysis; A notion, which brings disciplines of environment and people health together, is the characterization study of potential health effects resulting from direct and indirect environmental threats for human beings.

Environmental risk analysis; It is composed of steps, respectively, defining an process activity, defining hazards resulting from environmental pollution of this activity, defining possible aspects of these hazards, defining probabilities and extension of  hazards, evaluating risks, and conducting risk management in terms of political, social, economical, and technical.

Risk management is a good tool to understand better environmental and health problems related to hazardous waste/substance. In addition, it leads to take right decision about management of hazardous waste/substance.

TÜBİTAK MRC ECPI performs studies to determine and characterize risks for people exposed to hazardous waste/substance.  To take decision about the risks, “environmental risk analysis” has been carried.

Industrial Accident Risk Analysis: ECPI performs risk analysis by modeling to minimize damage after an accident and risk evaluation after various environmental accidents. 

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