Environmental Quality Monitoring and Characterization

Water resources are natural wealth which must be used sustainably in the long term. The identification of the ecological status of water resources and conservation of good ecological status, and improvement of the bad status to good is of vital importance if the best.

Discharges to air, water or soil as a result of industrial activity and their monitoring of the environmental impact; is a key component of the environmental regulatory system. For this purpose, taking samples of Water (Potable Water, Surface Water, Ground Water), Waste Water, Soil, Sludge, Solid Waste and Waste oils for industrial and public organizations, identification and determination of contents are done within environmental legislative framework.

Areas of Work

  • Water Characterization
  • Wastewater Characterization
  • Soil Characterization
  • Sludge Characterization
  • Solid Waste Characterization
  • Waste Oil Characterization
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