Cleaner Production

The idea of establishing a National Cleaner Production Centre; which came into question at 1999 for the first time; was realized at 06/04/2013 as a result of the decision taken by TUBITAK Science Council. After this date, TUBITAK Marmara Research Center (MRC) Environment Institute, which will undertake the functions of a Cleaner Production Center with this decision, was configured as the Environment and Cleaner Production Institute. 

The Institute's activities under the work on cleaner production areas are; to develop and carry out R & D projects; to carry out projects for the dissemination of best practices and technology transfer; create awareness at the national level; to arrange organizations for capacity building; to provide technical support for the industrial sector, to improve institutional capacities and to cooperate with international organizations. TUBITAK MRC Institute of Environment and Cleaner Production research groups engage in activities associated with and nested in each other in terms of expertise and study areas. In general, the subject of cleaner production is a multidisciplinary field, and our institute carries out activities in priority areas intended for eco-efficiency solutions in industry. In this context, Cleaner Production Unit aims to continue its activities in the following items:

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