Air Pollution Management

Air quality measurements and modeling

It has become necessary to perform air quality measurements in areas with concentrated air pollution. In this context, the clean air plans are prepared, air pollution mappings are generated, and dispersion modeling studies are performed. In addition, under different meteorological conditions, AERMOD and CALPUFF air quality models are used to determine the environmental impacts of industrial plants or the air quality levels of a particular region. By utilizing these models, projects on regional air quality management are carried out in our institute. These projects involve creating a pollution inventory, air pollution dispersion modeling, long-term monitoring of air pollution, preventive actions of air pollution, and sustainable air quality management.

Applications of clean-technologies for the prevention of air pollution

Some of our application areas can be listed as follows

  • Disposal of waste in solid, liquid and gas phases with advanced technologies.
  • Elimination of organic compounds from the combustion of process gases, SO2 and NOx.
  • The recovery of organic compounds from process gases.
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