Water and Wastewater Laboratory

Our laboratories operating on water, wastewater and solid waste analysis, serves public and private sector, meets the analysis requirements of the Marmara Research Center projects. Measurement and analysis of water and wastewater parameters are conducted in our laboratories.  In this context, drinking water, potable water and wastewater treatment plants discharge samples are being analyzed.

Our institute has received ISO 9001 Quality Certificate as of March 2002 and International Accreditation Standard TS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Quality Certificate as of December 2002. In the context of this certificate, a total of 93 water, wastewater, waste oil, soil and treatment sludge analysis methods performed in our laboratory have been accredited.

As of 25.10.2004; our laboratory has the ‘’Certificate of Competence in Environmental Analysis’’ which is given as a result of the controls of Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for the analysis of water, wastewater, waste oil, soil and sewage sludge in the context of Environmental Legislations.

Water and Wastewater Laboratory Group consists of the following laboratories:

  • Sample Acceptance and Processing Laboratory
  • Physical and Chemical Laboratory 1
  • Physical and Chemical Laboratory 2
  • Hydrocarbon Analysis Laboratory
  • Organic and Inorganic Instrumental Analysis Laboratory
  • Elemental Analysis Laboratory
  • Advanced Elemental Analysis Laboratory
  • Spectrophotometric Analysis Laboratory
  • Fish Bioassay Analysis Laboratory
  • Anaerobic Treatability Laboratory
  • Pilot Scale Treatability Systems (for Wastewater Treatability Studies)
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